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WPN Police Network :: symposium

Women Police Network Symposiums

A series of Women Police Network Symposiums are planned as learning and sharing events to enable the leaders and members of the Network to get on the path of discovering their passion, purpose and power of engagement. A national level Symposium was held for the Women Police Network (WPN) leaders to build the basis for systematic thinking and action within the Network. The provincial and organizational level Symposiums are being organized to extend the outreach of the WPN to maximum number of women police officers as members of the Network, enabling them to meaningfully participate and equally contribute to the process of networking

National Women Police Network Learning & Planning Symposium
A national level Learning & Planning Symposium was held from March 19 – 21, 2013 to inspire the WPN leaders for collaborative purpose and initiative to influence policy and practice for empowering women in police and protecting women in distress. The national symposium has provided a significant forum for the women police to get connected and collectively think through the basics of networking in the backdrop of their policing experiences, challenges and opportunities. The focal members of the Board and Women Police Councils (WPCs) participated in the dialogue on the value of networking, role of WPN leaders in steering the network and setting priorities for advancing the objectives of the WPN.

The discussion and deliberations on inclusion and progression of women in policing, success factors for networking, awareness of challenges and opportunities and mapping priorities for networking gave insights to the WPN leaders on the dynamics and scope of the WPN functioning. Empowerment, motivation, influencing and advocacy were emphasized as core competencies to advance the objectives of the WPN. The leaders were exposed to the various aspects of VAW and the legal framework to understand the role of the police in combating crimes against women. The Women Police Councils, as a way forward have outlined the WPN priorities from increased strength and enhanced role of women in police to improved services for women in distress. The WPN leaders are determined to pursue the priorities with a clarity of purpose and commitment to deliver.

KP WPN Symposium – February 24, 2014
A one-day Symposium was held in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on February 24, 2014 in Peshawar with 50 women police from across the province in attendance. The Symposium aimed at creating awareness about the role of the Women Police Network (WPN) among the women police to maximize the significance and impact of networking for professional development and service enhancement. The provincial police have expressed their commitment to promote the engagement and progression of women in police and to strengthen the Women Police Council in KP. The panel discussion highlighted the role of women in policing and the provision of policing services through Women Police Stations and newly established Women Desks in 70 mainstream police stations. Various operational challenges were identified in the provision of policing services to community women with recommendations to increase their access to policing by improving the number and role of women in operational policing, cultivating a gender sensitive work environment and enabling the Women Desks and the Women Police stations to work effectively. The Symposium oriented the women police with international law and human and women’s rights standards and national legal provisions for protection of women and girls and provided an overview of SOPs on dealing with and investigating crimes of violence against women. The purpose is to equip the women police especially those responsible for the Women Desks with requisite behavior and skill to treat women victims fairly and handle crimes against women attentively. The President of the WPN urged the members to adopt a proactive approach and contribute to effective functioning of their Council and the Network. Women police were pursued to adhere to self-discipline, observe professional standards of performance and continuously aim for integrity at work, and thus set an example to be admired by the seniors and followed by the fellow women police officers.

The members were engaged in discussion on the value of networking in police and the role of women police officers in strengthening the WPN. The Symposium enabled the women police to realize the potential of networking within the police to broaden their exposure and experience to discuss and present their policing challenges at different fora in a constructive and convincing manner.

AJK WPN Symposium – March 14, 2014
An impressive gathering of 100 women and men police officers of AJK in the WPN Symposium put spotlight on the gender responsive policing, empowerment of women in police and the Women Police Network. The presence of the Prime Minister of AJK gave a greater visibility to the priorities of women’s improved representation, positioning and progression within the AJK police. These priorities are being articulated in the Gender Strategy of Police 2012 – 2015 and stays as part of the agenda of the WPN as well.

The Prime Minister has committed to improve the representation of women in police and affirmed his support to the police department in this regard. Admitting the reality of little representation of women in police (100 women police in AJK’s 8286 police strength), invisible role in operational policing and less opportunities for promotion, the IGP declared to develop a career structure for the women police to overcome the challenge of women's participation and promotion to the higher ranks at a permissible pace.

The senior police officers presented their perspective on significance of women in policing, informed the audience of the salient features of the Gender Strategy of Police and shared the progress of AJK police on the related strategic priorities. The knowledge building sessions on gender, Gender based Violence, pro-women legal provisions and the basics as the first responder to the crime scene investigation enhanced the understanding of the women police on core principles of providing immediate protection and effective assistance to the women victims of violence.

A major focus of the Symposium was to inform and encourage women police to develop a better understanding of the objectives and scope of the WPN and inculcate a culture of management support and a collective action for change. In order to contribute purposefully to the cause of WPN, the value of networking was deliberated upon by the women police in small groups and plenary presentations.

The promising aspect of the Symposium was the role performed by the AJK Women Police Council in steering the inaugural ceremony, registering and welcoming the participants and making presentations on the WPN and the Gender Strategy of Police. The key highlights were the enthusiastic participation and energetic engagement of women police in the dialogue and illustration of support by the senior management of police to promote gender responsive policing.


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